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Hi all b0bst3r here again with April’s BTPR blog.

Before I go any further can I please point out that there are MAJOR SPOILERS for anyone not wanting to know what ores are on what planets and what you need equipment wise to stay alive.  So watch the for — SPOILER ALERT — line below and stop reading once you get there.

Ok so yes I did add a major major bad item as a quest reward and yeah it will sure as hell burn your house down if you made it from wood and were unlucky to open the quest reward bag in your house and yes it is firestone from Railcraft.  I’m kinda sorry but had my very evil face on when I was making the reward bags, but hey don’t quit, live and learn, in future don’t open quest bags in your house or make your house out of the hundreds of other blocks available :)

So I’m writing this after BetaL was just released with some major crash fixes that we’ve been experiencing, so far it looks to be a good version.  Please continue to report bugs (there’s a button on the welcoming screen which points you to the BTP github) if you don’t report them we can’t fix them.

I’ve decided against adding in Calculator even after making a lot of recipe alterations, I felt that it pushed the boundaries of the pack to the point where there would have been no balance.  Having infinite power made from nothing really defeats the purpose of a tech pack and it had a lot of other features that would have meant big shortcuts in the game.

So on to Galaxy Space, one of our server players just visited Ceres and insta-died (unlucky Rex) this brought about the discussion that there simply is no information anywhere on Galaxy Space.  Figure in the punishing rocket recipes whereby the previous rocket is used up, should you die to not knowing something it can really rip a handful of flesh from your stomach.

So this is what I know, it may not be entirely correct, I may miss something (after all it’s not written anywhere) or omit something but I may as well pass this info to you:


Getting to the moon is simple, it’s actually all in the HQM chapter “To go where no man has ..”   I would like to add something really helpful to you at this point.

When I setup my base on a planet I usually take with me 16 dirt, 8 oak saplings, some bonemeal, some building blocks, 1 oxygen compressor/collector/bubble distributor,  a fuel loader, some energy cables and fluid cables and some power.  This power, through trial and error I found that 1 Basic generator from Magneticraft can power and run all 3 oxygen machines and the fuel loader but that doesn’t require that much power.

So I take 1 basic generator and 1 infinite water block and that is enough to keep a bubbled base where you can recharge your oxy tanks.  Don’t forget fuel for the basic gen which can be anything a normal furnace uses (charcoal, blaze rods etc etc).

From the Moon you need to go to Mars, for Mars you need a tier 2 rocket and the only extra thing is a thermal padding suit.  What you get on Mars is Desh Ore, lots of it, if you can find one of the underground caverns it’s usually visible all around you.

You will see from looking at Mars on the galaxy map that it has 2 moons, phobos and deimos.  You have to visit both these moons to get any further:

Deimos = Oriharukon Ore

Phobos = Cobal ore, Desh Ore

You need Cobalt ore (not ore dict to Tinkers Cobalt) to make the thermal cloth and you need Oriharukon ore to make Tier 5 and Tier 7 heavy duty plates.

So, thermal cloth, this makes tier 2 thermal clothes and you need this before landing on Ceres, if you don’t you will insta-die as soon as you get into orbit which is a bit of a kicker dieing straight way.  Getting to your grave might prove painful.

Here’s a full list of Galaxy ores (not counting the usual OW style ores):

Meteoric Iron dropping from meteors just about lands on every planet I’ve visited this is not actual ore you dig up but break on the surface, this is with the exception of Ceres.

  • Moon – Cheese (whilst technically it’s not ore, it is cheese)
  • Mars – Desh
  • Phobos – Desh, Cobalt (no, Tinkers cobalt will not do)
  • Deimos – Oriharukon
  • Asteroids – Aluminum, Ilmenite Ore.
  • Ceres – Meteoric Iron Ore (yes ore)
  • Ganymede (Jupiter Moon) – Magnesium ore, Ilmenite Ore,
  • Oberon – Adamantite ore
  • Enceladus – Unknown Crystals
  • Proteus – Platinum Ore, Tungsten (oredict to wolframium) Ore
  • Triton – Mithril ore

I think that’s the entire list, hope I didn’t miss any.  Now for the dungeons, there may be dungeons on multiple planets/moons but these are the ones I know for sure:

  • Tier 2 BP – Moon
  • Tier 3 BP – Mars
  • Tier 4 BP – Ceres
  • Tier 5 BP – Io (Jupiter Moon)
  • Tier 6 BP – Enceladus (Saturn Moon)
  • Tier 7 BP – Proteus (Neptune Moon)
  • Tier 8 BP – Pluto

So for example the Tier 4 Blueprints are on Ceres which requires a Tier 3 rocket to reach.

There are some things I can see in Galaxy Space mod which might end up being requirements (lead armor, special weapons) for places or mobs but I haven’t come across them yet.

I hope the above helps you on your travels.

Happy Space hunting




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