BetaR – The switch to Mekanism v9

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Hi all b0bst3r here.

I’ve been watching closely current github bug reports since the release of Mekanism v9 and what will happen to your worlds/items if you upgrade from Mek v8.

There are some big changes in Mek v9 to existing blocks, 3 of the biggest are the dynamic tanks, the solar evaporation plants and the energy cubes.

So what’s changed with them:

Dynamic tanks

  • Dynamic glass is replaced with structural glass

Solar evaporation plants

  • Are no longer a thing and are completely replaced with Thermal Evaporation Plants meaning all the blocks are different

Energy cubes

  • The old cubes are output 1 side and input the other 5, the new cubes are now sided via the GUI input/output configuration tab.

Oh no so I lose all my tanks & solar plants?  No no no you don’t, AidanCBrady (Mek developer) has gone out of his way to make sure you don’t lose anything.

Solar Evaporation Plant blocks are automatically converted into the new blocks and will continue to function without you needing to do anything (except possibly to visit the area where your plants are if they are located in a different area/place).

Energy Cubes are default sided to the old way the cubes were, 1 side output, rest input, so they should continue to function too without the need to do anything.

Mekanism v8

Alt Text

Mekanism v9

Alt Text

Dynamic tanks however do need some intervention.  Unless I wait for a later version of Mek the Dynamic tank conversion will make it appear that you lost all your fluid from the tanks, YOU HAVE NOT LOST THE FLUID, it is still there.  But you will have to completely empty the tank by pumping your fluid elsewhere and completely break and replace every tank block for it to form correctly.  Since BTP Reborn has better fluid storage than Mekanism tanks I feel that not many will be using these tanks and the likely impact will be minimal.

Can pump the fluid from the tank which appears to have emptied during the update:

Alt Text

Mek v9 Energy cubes are now configurable in the GUI to set input/output but are denoted by the brighter side (ouput) and the dimmer side (input).

Alt Text

Armed with the knowledge above I am going ahead with the planned update after I leave a link on the pack information screen for a day or 2.


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