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Hi there b0bst3r here again.

Just a blog to let you know what’s happening with BetaU, well nothing 🙂 apart from mod updates, but however, another update will run in parallel with BetaU called BetaU-NC.

This BetaU-NC will be all the mod updates from BetaU but will include the updated Nuclearcraft mod, hence the NC.

Why a separate update??

Well on the changelog notes it says to TURN OFF all your fission reactors and BREAK all your fusion reactors prior to updating as the heat mechanics have been changed in the fission reactors and the structures have changed in the fusion reactors.  The heat change in itself spells trouble, it means if you update whilst a reactor is online and running you might find your whole base is a pile of rubble by the time you get into the game.

I can’t give people enough warnings about this, there are also the non-english speaking players who will not understand my messages I leave on the front page, in this blog and on the launcher.

It also gives server admins a real headache, because they cannot be 100% sure people will turn off reactors or break them and when the boom happens, well, lets say I wouldn’t want to be a server admin.

So, BetaU will be pushed on the launcher as all the previous updates have and will NOT contain NuclearCraft updates, but BetaU-NC will NOT be pushed and will have NuclearCraft updates.  You will have to pick BetaU-NC on the launcher from the versions you want to install.  So if you update and pick BetaU-NC and don’t turn off your reactor and it blows up don’t come to me looking for retribution.

Now let me give you some numbers before and after with a couple of basic (no graphite or cooling blocks) fission reactors:

3x3x3 Before 1440 RF/t and 180 Heat/t  – After the betaU-NC update 5241 RF/t and 1080 Heat/t

5x5x5 Before 3240 RF/t and 270 Heat/t – After 11541 RF/t 2160 Heat/t

So you can see the huge difference in RF output but also the increase in heat, I didn’t make a 17x17x17 as these figures should give you indication that you cannot run the update to BetaU-NC whilst leaving your fission reactors running.


You have been warned, tell your server players/admins/everyone that the Beta-NC updates have this changed NuclearCraft mechanic.


EDIT: A word from turbodiesel (NC mod author) on what will happen if you don’t dissassemble the reactors:

Well, the fusion reactors will glitch into each other, as their models are different and now require a very different structure, but the main problem is the fission reactors – there have been a lot of changes to the way the produced heat is calculated (adjacent cell compartments produce additional energy and heat), and from my own experience the heat generated by the old reactor setups in the new versions is significantly higher than in the older versions, which could lead to explosions – the blast radius is not as large as it used to be, but it would still be pretty devastating.

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BetaU Splits updates


  1. turbodiesel4598

    Would just like to let you know that there's quite an important update tonight (1.7h) which fixes issues people have had with the fission reactor's structure search. I explained on a recent video what this issue was, and how to try to avoid it, but now it is properly fixed. There's also some other little things that have been added 🙂
    I'm also having reports of ridiculously OP power outputs from friends, but this is avoided by deleting the configs and reloading the defaults, if anyone else is thinking the same thing as they were 🙂

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