Launch of Bevo’s Superstitions a 1.10 Pack

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Today I launched the 2nd Bevo’s pack called Superstitions.  Superstitions is based on the wedding superstition something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the superstition as only 2 parts of this are used, the something old and something new.

The presmise of the pack is that to get to something old (older more well known mods) you have to learn something new (new 1.10.2 mods or ones which were not widely used in 1.7.10).

For instance to unlock Botania you need to learn Roots, a more comprehensive look at the gating/locks can be found here

Bevo’s Superstitions is available right now on the ATLauncher.

If you can’t figure out how to get started have a look at the wiki page on 2 possible ways to go



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b0bst3rLaunch of Bevo’s Superstitions a 1.10 Pack


  1. Tog Neve

    Love the mod! And also love that it is an active mod with updates coming :)

    Do have question though as far as server admin…have a hosted server up…currently 1.7.1 and I want to update to 2.5. Replacing the mod files is the easy part but I noticed you also mention making changes as far as scripts and configs …for example getting extreme reactors to use a different graphite.
    Do you have a guide of what may need to be edited in order to make those changes as well as needed?

  2. Ewan

    love the pack
    but when trying to use jurassic craft i can't mine the dino fossils as the mod won't recognise any pickaxes from vanilla and mods

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