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Discussion in 'Show us your builds!' started by kuya, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. kuya

    kuya New Member

    This was my BTP build but for some crash reason I can no longer open the world or several backups past... As Im now unlikely to ever finish it I thought I would post the screenshots anyway.

    The idea was to automate as much as possible in a 3x3x3 cube of 15x15x15 sections. The screenshots contain 3 iterations, each used to build the next version. The 3rd version in the screenshots was never operational.

    Some fun things were automated blood altars with open computers, some automated botania crafting again with OC, 40x pulverises and furnances (with speed upgrades) with hyper rationing pipes for super fast operation.
  2. PiggyWhiskey

    PiggyWhiskey Moderator

    That looks quite amazing!

    I love how you've limited yourself to a set size.

    How did you manage at the start moving vertically?

    Why 15^3 instead of 16^3 (Chunks)
  3. kuya

    kuya New Member

    Thanks. I used a jetpack until I got hold of a nether star for the extra utilities wings.

    I used 15 so I could have centers! It is chunk aligned tho, just a few blocks of space on one side. Normally I just build towers inside one chunk to hold everything but thought Id try something different.
  4. PiggyWhiskey

    PiggyWhiskey Moderator

    Yeah my usual thing is rooms of a chunk with inside of 14x14. Usually upgrading to massive towers of 3x3 chunks (my latest iteration is 5x5 chunks on a different modpack)

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